Steve Ericson

Theme Park and Resort Designer in Bushnell, Florida

Steve Ericson’s career path has enabled him to create some of the most innovative attractions and architecture in the themed entertainment and hospitality industries.

For 32 years Steve has been Master Planner and Chief Designer of attractions and buildings for Diamonda theme parks and resort projects. For the past 14 years, Steve has also held the positions of Chief Creative Officer (Board Member) and Executive Producer of Attractions & Resorts for Diamonda Project Management BV, which has its main offices in Nunspeet, Holland. He has conceived and designed over 45 unique world-class attractions, 27 themed restaurants, and multiple retail venues, as well as conceptualized storylines and invented special effects for rides and shows. He has also designed the basic layouts for several major theme park resort hotels.

Steve’s knowledge, spanning numerous fields, allows him to create new combinations of concepts and details in ultra-imaginative and uniquely entertaining ways. His interests in science, entertainment, hospitality, architecture and human spirituality are reflected in the ultra-creative concepts and designs he routinely produces. He invariably adds the unforgettable "Wow!" factor into each project.

Steve’s proficiency in the fields of entertainment and hospitality design were originally developed as he worked under, and sometimes side-by-side, with some of the world’s leading theme park resort and attraction designers. At the beginning of his career, he was given “cross utilization” from Disney’s Resort Division into Disney’s Epcot Show Development at the request of Marty Sklar, president of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Through experience and intuition, Steve continues to hone his ability to communicate the message or “story” in such a way as to obtain the desired reactions of the visitors through attraction entertainment design in much the same way as a movie director obtains the desired reactions of movie-goers.

He has earned a reputation as being on the leading edge of immersive entertainment design and production, and his latest resort hotel concepts for the Diamonda projects are beginning to receive worldwide attention.

While dreaming-up new rides, shows, special effects and unique architecture for theme parks and hotels, Steve enjoys playing theater organ, studying cosmology and quantum theory, working in the garden, playing with his dog "Ruckus", and dabbling in the various arts.